Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lady Revised

I just realized I never shared this poem
which saddens me

i wrote it a long time ago in my 292 class
it was modeled off of Tennyson's Ulysses
in the idea that it is a dramatic monologue
and goes against the common interpretation of the character

or so i remember

thus i present:

Lady Revised

Within these dark kept chambers I roam,
My ever thoughts through which I comb.
And know and know- it was not I
Who planned this death that here does lie.
For in the room by which we rest,
My dear Macbeth did plan this quest
Of murder to gain the throne
Of which the sisters did atone.
And when I could not commit the deed,
By my dear husband, Macduff did bleed.
And now my hands blood soaked they lie
Beneath the remorseful tears from each my eye.
To have power o’er a kingdom, I disgust.
Yet with this rule, I may adjust.
For threads of gold may be quite nice,
And Arabian perfumes do entice.
Thus with this power of the throne,
I shall make this sin to me unknown
And the thoughts left in my mind to obey
When “Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Final Learning Outcomes

I really feel that I have completed all the course outcomes in some way or another. I will thus do what I can to expand on how so i completed this. 
  • 1. Gain Shakespeare Literacy
  • We read at least 6 plays that I counted with a quick count. I specifically looked into Macbeth with my research paper. I went and saw all three Shakespeare plays on campus as well as watched many movies, etc at home. We looked at a huge covering with Shakespeare now on the internet especially.
  • 2. Analyze Shakespeare Critically

    I feel like this happened in class mainly. There were several blog post, however, about history, character analysis, etc.
  • 3. Engage Shakespeare Creatively

    I would say the incorporation of Shakespeare into my lift definitely fulfilled this one. Also, I did some fun creative projects. I wish there would have been more avenue for this creative side though. 
  • 4. Share Shakespeare Meaningfully

    First all I have to say is BLOGGING! I also got my husband and mother more engaged in Shakespeare probably than they ever would have. My high school sister went to The Comedy of Errors with me and loved it. I also participated in several meaningful conversations with professors and school teachers about Shakespeare. 
  • 5. Gain Digital Literacy
  • I would say I was already digitally literate. However, I was able to learn exactly how Shakespeare fits into this new digital world. 
It was a great semester. I really enjoyed the class, and I am sad it is over! There arent too many things I would change about the past semester; however, I would definitely consider taking a class similar to this again! 

Final Project!

We have finished our final project. huzzahhh!

We wanted to make a presentation that would encourage the use of technology in the classroom.
We felt like this was a really hard thing to say how to do (especially since none of us are professionals), so we more focused on the idea of planting an idea in teachers' minds (ah Inception!) so that they would make the important decision of incorporation.  We decided to talk about why it needs to be done and examples of how it has been done.

Our Prezi can be found here as well!

Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Segment:Shakespeare on the Web

Here is my segment video for the final project

others like us

there is a lot of discussion about this
idea of incorporating teaching and technology

this presentation  looks like it was for an "FLC" conference
i have no idea what FLC is outside of my home town college 
but it just shows examples of how teachers have
incorporated technology into their classroomm

this presentation looks at Shakespeare in Bit and
is almost like a review  for it
however they are kinda encouraging the use

This prezi is an overview of the use of a Prezi
in a classroom. just to show ideas to others

4teachers.org is a website to show teachers
and help them integrate technology into their classroom

There are tons of articles about why you should
teach with technology too 

all very interesting!

one thing that really jumped out at me was,
"It's not about technology integration anymore. It's really about how to be a better teacher by using the best tools."

as far as things go right now

I am still waiting back on a few people
as far as exactly what we could do with our presentation

i emailed around trying to find out about
submission dates and etc

over all everyone seemed pretty enthused
and acted excited and interested

but i will keep you on track with what i hear

as far as our final project
we are completing a Prezi
that will be simple for teachers
to quickly look through

we plan on having sections that deal
with three topics all pertaining to that of technology
1) why
2) examples
3) benefits

we are working on making videos to go with each of the sections

Friday, April 6, 2012

Final Project Trailer

This is just a catch trailer for what we are doing!