Friday, February 10, 2012

phonebook notes

Dr Burton Suggested we make an annotated contact list
of the people we wanted to use for our social proof
so those people we wanted to contact with our ideas and see their opinion.

I dont remember what brought me to these sources
but these are my ideas:

i just put a shout out on Facebook to my friends for their thoughts
so we will see what I get....

on this forum there are several teachers and several professors
if you look at the look at bottom there are people
who talk specifically about the teaching with inclusion of pop culture

I found this interesting article about teaching Shakespeare with YouTube
of course after I read the article, I think it would be interesting to contact her

this author talks about how she has personally used modern interpretations to teach shakespeare
i think it would be interesting to talk to her about her success and if she thinks it should be a standard

this harry potter fan discusses how by studying Queen Hermione from A Winter's Tale gives insight to Hermione from HP as well as my original comparing Macbeth and Harry Potter
I would love to discuss her feelings if she felt like it is beneficial to look at Shakespeare from this view

This article about Teaching Shakespeare through Film and TV highlights the importance of why the text should not be just read as well as may offer other good sources

Kelli Marshall is lover of pop culture and Shakespeare and I want to see her thoughts on intertwining the two

Mike Lomonico posts for the Folger Education blog often specifically about teaching Shakespeare to students I would be interested in his thoughts because from the impression i have gotten he seems to encourage directly using the text
there is also some twitter conversation there with him that might be interesting to get involved with

After I have some solid research and ideas and have contacted these people above
i would love to run this all by some actual teachers and people focused on teaching
ie from my previous post
  • teacher of teachers
    • -Prof Wing -teaches introductory teaching classes
    • -Dr Grierson -teaches reading comprehension
  • department chair in a high school
    • -Tara Henderson
  • high school teachers that tend to be less traditional
    • -Chantey Webb
    • -Kellie Miller
    • -Michelle Wennerstrom
Any other ideas?

and ps. i feel weird asking questions at the end of my post but i feel like that draw out some feedback 

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  1. I love your links, very useful. it looks like you're doing some cool things.


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